Montevideo, Taste of a Dream

BOX OFFICE(domestic): 543 687; Serbian 84th Academy Award Oscar candidate; Genre: Historical melodrama; Country of origin: Serbia; Year of production: 2010; Running time: 140 mins; Format: 35mm, (16:9); Sound: Dolby Digital; Color: Color; Language: Serbian (English subtitles); National theatrical release: December 2010

SYNOPSIS: Belgrade, Serbia, 1930. The story follows eleven passionate, mostly anonymous, but very talented soccer players and their journey from the cobblestone streets of impoverished Belgrade neighborhoods to the formation of the national team before the very first World Cup in faraway Uruguay.

Named after the Uruguayan capital city Montevideo, where the inaugural World Cup event was held, director Bjelogrlic’s adaptation of journalist Vladimir Stankovic’s best-selling book centers on the relationship between two top players: natural talent and poor boy Tirke(Milos Bikovic)and playboy, superstar Mosa(Petar Strugar).

The two young men eventually become friends when they’re thrown together on the front line of the struggling local team, Belgrade Sports Club BSC. As the club hierarchy struggles to keep the team afloat, the opportunity arises to create a national team. But team unity is strained when Tirke and Mosa face off over beautiful women. Rosa(Danina Jeftic), the voluptuous, small town innocent, adores Tirke, but her soccer-mad uncle conspires to set her up with Mosa; vampish Valeria(Nina Jankovic) is a free-spirited bohemian who seduces Mosa and finds much fun in pitting him against Tirke.

The initial doubt that surrounded their personal and professional lives is transformed into a shared ambition to prove themselves in Montevideo; as a result, a story about friendship, enthusiasm, persistence and love for the game is unraveled.


33rd Moscow International Film Festival, Russia (2011)-AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD for BEST MAIN COMPETITION FILM; 58th International Film Festival in Pula, Croatia (2011)- INTERNATIONAL JURY’S SPECIAL MENTION; 5th Film and Art Festival Two Riversides, Poland (2011)-AUDIENCE AWARD; 8th Lipetsk International Sports Film Festival ATLANT, Russia (2011)- BEST FEATURE FILM ABOUT THE SPORT (Intermedia Network); FIPRESCI Serbia 2011 – BEST PICTURE 2010(Intermedia Network), BEST DIRECTOR(Dragan Bjelogrlić), BEST DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY(Goran Volarević), Best Script(Srđan Dragojević and Ranko Božić), Best Production Design(Nemanja Petrović);46th Niš Film festival – Miloš Biković has received the “TSAR CONSTANTINE” AWARD for BEST MALE ROLE; Petar Strugar was declared MOST SUCCESSFUL DEBUTANT AWARD; Viktor Savić received BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR AWARD; First Regional MTV Movie Awards-BEST PICTURE(Intermedia Network), BEST ACTOR(Miloš Biković), BEST ACTRESS(Nina Janković); Sopot Film Festival, SOFEST, Serbia(2011)- BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN(Nemanja Petrović); 4th International film festival “LIFFE”, Leskovac, Serbia(2011)-AUDIENCE AWARD for the BEST PICTURE; Serbian Popularity Oscars, Serbia (2010)-BEST PICTURE(Intermedia Network); The Men Magazine Annual Awards, Serbia (2010)- PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2010 (Intermedia Network);The Men Annual Awards 2012-MASTER PR(Intermedia Network), NEW IDOLS(Milos Bikovic and Petar Strugar); 10th International Festival of Sport Film Krasnogorski 2012- GRAN PRIX; 8th Beijing International Sports Film Week -THE BEST FILM-”GUIRLANDE D’HONNEUR”(Intermedia Network);


13th Festival de la Fiction La Rochelle, France(2011); ;20th Raindance Film Festival, London(2011); 13th MumbaiInternational Film Festival (2011); 35th Sao Paolo International Film Festival(2011); 26th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival(2011); 33thInternational Festival of New Latin American Cinema(2011); 23rd Palm Springs International Film Festival, CA, USA(2012); 9th Berlin International Football Film Festival (2012); 18th Vilnius International Film Festival (2012); First Festival of Mediterranean Film, Algeria (2012); 2nd Beijing International Film Festival(2012); 8th ETNO 2012. Festiwal Kultury Piłkarskiej
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